Shen Tao T'ai Chi Chuan

About Us

Shen Tao means the way of the spirit. The reason we study Cheng man-ch'ing's T'ai Chi Chuan is because it is so closely aligned with our understanding of Confucian and Taoist principles and provides a way for us to integrate those teachings in our bodies and daily lives.

Michael and Sara Stenson are second generation Cheng  man-ch’ing teachers whose studies of the Solo Exercise, Tui Shu, Da Lu, Chien, fencing, and Chi Gung exercises began in the early 70s. They have taught at Naropa Institute, Jane & Bataan Faigao's Rocky Mountain T’ai Chi Ch’uan, an East West Journal conference, the Dali Lama’s Conference on Education, and founded Shen Tao T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

We assisted Jane & Bataan Faigao, served as Tam Gibb's assistant at Naropa, and studied with Ben Lo, Maggie Newman, Ed Young,  Jonathan Gaines,  Judith Weaver, and Fred Lehrman.

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